A robust data offering, including 1st-party data from one of the largest publishers in Canada, as well as fully custom audience segments, attribution and conversion tracking.

1st Party Audience Data

Our unparalleled 1st party data means we know how to reach real people, with over a thousand audience segments around the country.  That means you can connect with the audiences you want to, in environments they trust, in a way that will have the greatest impact to your marketing goals.

  • We reach 43% of Canadian adults every week
  • We have 11.3M unique visitors a month
  • Local focus, national impact
  • Unparalleled insights into our loyal audience

Custom Audience Segments & Data-Driven Targeting

Eyereturn has direct access to some of the richest and most extensive data sets. We are able to deliver against a proven audience with advanced segmenting and targeting opportunities.  

  • Data-driven, micro-targeting to millions of Canadians on and offline
  • Combined first-party data sets and second and third-party data to ensure campaigns target the right audience
  • Machine learning to create custom audiences and optimize campaigns
  • Access to over 1,000 audience segments

Unparalleled Understanding of Your Audiences and Consumers

With our robust data offering, let us help you

  • Understand your audience and consumers better
  • Plan and execute more effective marketing campaigns
  • Reach the right audience at the right time and place
  • Deliver measurable results for your marketing


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